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One of Virginia's most experienced team of spine neurosurgeons is right here on the Peninsula. As neurosurgeons, our spine surgery team has received years of intensive, focused training — more than any spine surgeon.

Our commitment to excellence brings the most skilled surgeons with the latest surgical technology to relieve pain and enhance the lives of our patients.

The relationship between the brain and spine is undeniably one of the most delicate and complex in the human body. The smallest misalignment in the spine or misfire in the brain – unless identified and treated by the most well trained and highly skilled neurosurgeon – can cause excruciating pain, debilitating loss of function and even death.

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In today's minimally invasive spine surgery, Riverside neurosurgeons localize the area of the spine with intraoperative x-rays to insert a small tube into the area gently nudging the muscle fibers out of their way.

Riverside Neurological and Spine Institute remains the only facility on the Peninsula with the capability to use both fluoroscopic and CT-based images intraoperatively. This capability, known as StealthStation, is a computer program that allows surgeons to build and visualize a 3-D model. Because these 3-D images are more accurate than the traditional two-dimensional x-ray, the result is a quicker and more accurate operation.

The spine is a complex system that requires extreme care and precision to correct. Our spine surgery team has the training, experience and technology to deliver the highest level of surgical precision found in eastern Virginia.

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