Riverside Stroke Centers

Stroke image Faster diagnosis and treatment improve your chances for recovery.

A Riverside Stroke Center team is near to you ready to treat any kind of stroke or stroke complication, anytime, day or night. Riverside's stroke centers adhere to the highest standards of care - to rapidly and accurately diagnose and apply advanced emergency stroke treatments.

The Peninsula’s Only Certified Comprehensive Stroke Center

Riverside Regional Medical Center
This designation recognizes hospitals that meet standards to treat the most complex stroke cases, including 24/7 availability of:

  • Advanced imaging techniques
  • Staff trained in vascular neurology, neurosurgery and endovascular procedures
  • Neuro ICU facilities and capabilities
  • Experience treating patients with large ischemic strokes, intracerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage

Certified Primary Stroke Centers

This designation recognizes hospitals that meet the standards to support better stroke outcomes, including:

  • A dedicated stroke-focused program
  • Qualified and specially-trained medical professionals
  • Individualized stroke care for patients
  • Coordination of post-discharge care
  • A team dedication to sharing outcomes and using data to continuously improve outcome

These certifications are evaluated on an annual basis, so the Riverside Stroke Centers are always reviewing and improving the care they deliver to stroke patients.


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