Treatment for Early Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease
Even if it is caught early, Chronic Kidney Disease cannot be cured. The good news is that in the early stages, you can take steps to make your kidneys last longer and minimize your risk for heart attack and stroke.


If you have been diagnosed with reduced kidney function or chronic kidney disease you should:

  • See your physician regularly.
    He or she will help monitor your condition and prescribe the next steps in your treatment.
  • Check with your doctor before taking any medications.
    Especially any type of pain medicines. 
  • Keep your diabetes under control.
    If you have diabetes, its important to monitor and keep your glucose levels under control. Riverside offers a complete program to help you stay healthy with diabetes.
  • Change your diet.
    Some parts of a normal diet may speed kidney failure. Impaired kidneys are not able to handle protein well, for instance. High cholesterol is another condition associated with kidney impairment. You may need to monitor your sodium and potassium intake. A Riverside nutritionist can help you create the right food plan.
  • Do not smoke.
    Smoking not only increases the risk of kidney disease, but it also contributes to deaths from strokes and heart attacks in people with CKD. Riverside offers a smoking cessation class.
  • Control your blood pressure.
    You may need two or more types of medications to keep your blood pressure at healthy levels.
  • Treat anemia.
    Anemia is a condition in which the blood does not contain enough red blood cells. The hormone EPO stimulates the bones to make red blood cells and is made by the kidneys. If you kidneys are impaired, they may not make enough EPO. Your doctor may give you injections of a form of EPO.