We couldn’t be prouder of local paramedics, EMS staff, and Riverside emergency and heart catherization teams for their skill, speed and dedication that has lead to a rather impressive streak.

Heart attacks can kill. Minutes matter. Your life can depend on how quickly blocked arteries are opened. Did you know less than half of heart attack patients in the country have artery blood flow restored within the 90-minute gold standard set by the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association?

275 days and counting ...At Riverside results are very different.

For more than 275 days and counting, every heart attack patient brought to Riverside had blocked arteries reopened by the heart catherization team in less than the 90-minute gold standard other hospitals strive to achieve.

Here’s how we work together to save lives. On the way to the hospital, paramedics transmit EKG information to Riverside emergency doctors who direct treatment in the field even before the patient arrives. Local Riverside heart doctors are waiting, ready to quickly reopen arteries. If necessary, cardiovascular surgeons are available to perform emergency surgery at the Peninsula’s only Open Heart Surgery Center.

Paramedics, EMS staff, Riverside emergency and heart teams working together.
Surpassing standards, saving lives.