Quality Matters

Why Choose Riverside Gastroenterology Specialists? Because quality matters!

Riverside Gastroenterology Specialists is the only area group to monitor and publicly report essential colonoscopy quality measures. More than 50,000 Americans die of colon cancer each year, a largely preventable disease. A quality colonoscopy saves lives by removing more pre-cancerous polyps

Quality Measures

Withdrawal: We ensure a minimum of 6 minutes of careful examination on withdrawal, with an average time of over 7 minutes. Withdrawal time is considered a benchmark indicator of exam quality and thoroughness.

Adenoma Detection Rate: Percentage of patients with adenomatous polyps on screening exams. Each 1 percent increase in ADR decreases the risk of fatal interval colon cancer by 5 percent.

Does your gastroenterologist report his or her adenoma detection rate? ADR may vary as much as seven times among physicians. Our physicians exceed national targets of 25 percent for women, and 30 percent for men.

ADR rates

GIQuIC participation

We are proud to participate in GIQuIC, one of the nation's largest and most rapidly growing registries of quality data in gastroenterology.By providing real-time peer-based performance evaluations to our physicians, GIQuIC helps to guide continuous improvement in clinical practice and patient outcomes. GIQuIC provides each physician with important data on performance measures such as polyp detection rate, exam quality, and complications.

ASGE Recognition

We are the area's only endoscopy unit to be recognized and honored for delivering quality and safety in endoscopy by the ASGE. We focus on quality, safety, and patient satisfaction.

80 by 2018

Riverside Health System has committed to reducing unnecessary cancers by new ensuring that at least 80 percent of our eligible population is screened for colon cancer by 2018.

Choosing Wisely Campaign

We are committed to maintaining appropriate colonoscopy follow-up intervals and avoiding unnecessary procedures.

Colorectal Center of Excellence

Using a multidisciplinary approach, our team works seamlessly together to treat the whole patient, not just the disease.

Our colorectal center of excellence team includes:

  • Expert, board-certified Gastroenterologists
  • Dr. Brian Billings, a Mayo Clinic trained colorectal surgeon
  • Dr. Theresa Emory, a Mayo Clinic trained GI pathologist
  • Genetic counselor
  • Specialty nutritionists


  • We return every patient call the same business day
  • Convenient hours including early morning and weekend appointments
  • Schedule appointments online 24/7
  • Communicate directly with your physician using MyChart
  • Complimentary one-on-one preparation appointment
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