Fatty Liver

What is Fatty Liver?
Fatty liver or steatosis of the liver, is one of the most common reasons people have abnormal liver blood tests. When the balance in the liver function changes, fat droplets can accumulate in the liver .

Most often fatty liver occurs in persons with obesity or type 2 diabetes. Some medications can cause fatty liver. The most important factor in fatty liver is insulin resistance.

How is Fatty Liver Diagnosed?
There are usually no symptoms that are noticeable to the patient. Fatty liver is frequently uncovered during a routine physical examination. There may be a rise in certain liver enzymes found in the blood, and sometimes the liver is slightly enlarged. Fatty liver may also be discovered while the physician is evaluating a patient for other illnesses.

How is Fatty Liver Treated?
In most instances, treatment of fatty liver requires control of the underlying conditions. This may include:

  • Reducing high blood triglycerides
  • Good control of diabetes
  • Severely limiting alcohol intake
  • In some cases, surgical reversal of intestinal bypass for obesity is required

Since being overweight is by far the most critical factor, weight loss is the key to ridding the liver of fat.

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