Colonoscopy Screening

We recommend that you get a colonoscopy or other type of colon cancer screening test when you turn 50, or sooner if you have family history or are considered high risk.

Know the Facts
Colonoscopies are the "Gold Standard" of screening. This is because they can both find potentially precancerous growths called polyps and remove them, while other screening tests may only find cancer or polyps. Since most cases of colon cancers start as polyps, colonoscopies essentially allow you to stop colon cancer before it even starts!

Benefits of Colonoscopy

  • "Gold Standard"
    Colonoscopies are the most complete screening method available. They allow us to identify and remove polyps in one session.
  • Colonoscopies Save Lives
    Did you know that colorectal cancer is the second-most common cause of cancer deaths in the US, but with a regular screening the cancer is almost completely preventable? Or did you know that according to a study published in New England Journal of Medicine, colonoscopies can reduce the risk of dying from colon cancer by 53 percent?
  • Procedure is Painless
    Patients are sedated so you won't feel a thing. Essentially you get to take a 30 minute nap.
  • It Doesn't Take Long
    A colonoscopy appointment may take an hour total if you add up waiting time, consulting time, and of course your procedure/nap time.
  • Screening is good for 8-10 years
    After you've had your screening, if everything checks out well, you won't have to come back for another 8-10 years.

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