Cancer Treatments Outline


Chemotherapy--Overview of chemotherapy and how it works (NEEDS TO BE POSTED)

  • Treatments--Provides a brief explanation of the types of chemotherapies that the oncologist may discuss with the patient.
  • What to Expect--Overview of how chemotherapy is administered.
  • Side Effects--Common side effects and advice on how to alleviate them.
  • After Chemotherapy--Overview on what to expect when recovering from chemotherapy.


Radiation Therapy--discussion of what it is and how it works.

  • External Beam: What to expect --discussion of external beam radiation.
  • Internal Radiation: What to expect--discussion of internal radiation with focus on brachytherapy.
  • Side Effects --Details on side effects and what you can to moderate them.
  • Self Care--Information on how to take care of your self during radiation therapy.
  • After Radiation Therapy--Information on the importance of  lifetime follow-up care with your Riverside medical team


Surgery Overview—summary of various types of surgical procedures used in cancer treatment (NEEDS TO BE POSTED)

DaVinci Surgery

Outpatient Surgery: What to expect

Inpatient Surgery: What to expect


Biological Treatments

  • Overview of Biological Treatments
  • What to Expect
  • Side Effects


Targeted Therapy

  • Overview of Targeted Therapies--therapy so new--not much information, but links to NIH sources help reader to find out more technical info.


Clinical Trials-Overview of clinical trials--this is a repeat of existing clinical trial page on the RS site.

  • Cancer Clinical Trials--detailed content on what to expect from a clinical trial, how to enroll, insurance costs and promotion of the Riverside Cancer Care Center services.


New Therapies and You—reasons why doctors may not recommend new therapies for a patient.