Your first visit to our radiation therapy center usually does not involve treatment. The appointment should take about an hour.
What to bring to your first appointment
Our staff needs your medical history and other information before you see the doctor. There are two options for completing the necessary paperwork:
  • Complete the forms at home.  You can download and print out the forms at home and bring the completed paperwork with you.  Click here to download forms.
  • Complete the forms at our office. Plan to arrive 45 minutes early for your appointment. You can complete the paperwork in the waiting room.  You will need to know the Social Security number of the primary holder of your health insurance. (For instance, if you are covered through your wife's policy from her workplace, then your wife is the primary insurance subscriber and you will need her SS#.) We'll also want you to provide your personal health history, so making notes beforehand may help recall. 
What to expect
At this first visit, you will:
  • Meet and talk with your radiation oncologist, who will review your records prior to seeing you. He or she will explain the treatment and answer any questions that you may have.
  • Have a physical exam.  
  • Meet the radiation oncology nurse. The nurse will review the treatment procedure and routine with you.
  • Receive instructions for your next visit. For instance, you may be given a prep instruction sheet to follow before your second appointment, the CT appointment and before each radiation therapy treatment.