The number of radiation treatments will vary according to the location and the type of cancer you have. Some things to remember:
  • Treatments are usually given five days a week (Monday—Friday). Because it is so important for you to have all of your treatments, we urge you not to miss any of them.
  • You will be given an appointment to come in each day. Because patients are scheduled every 15 minutes, please keep your appointment time as assigned.
On occasion, you may find yourself waiting because of unavoidable delays. For this, we offer our apologies in advance. We will always get you into the treatment room as quickly as possible.
During treatment
Once a week, a doctor and nurse will check in to see how you're feeling. Tests may be ordered, if you are having specific problems. Since therapy can affect rapidly dividing normal cells in the area being treated, you may have some complaints about side effects that will require special tests.
Follow-up visits
You will be advised when you should have follow-up visits. You will usually be asked to return to the radiation oncologist for one or more visits. He or she will want to evaluate the effectiveness of your treatment and to know about any problems you may be having.
The doctor who referred you to the radiation oncologist will receive a complete report on your treatment and should review it with you as well.