Your radiation team needs your medical history and other information as well as contacts to use during your treatment. For your convenience, we have two options for completing the paperwork:
Option 1: Print and complete the paperwork in advance
We have provided the paperwork for you to fill out in advance and bring with you. You can either
  • Download, print and complete the documents by hand, or
  • Complete them online, save and print them.
 If all of your paperwork is prepared in advance, plan to arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment.
Option 2: Complete paperwork at the office before your appointment
If you plan to complete the paperwork at our office, please plan to arrive 45 minutes early.
  • You will need to know Social Security number of the primary holder of your health insurance. (For instance, if you are covered through your wife's policy from her workplace, then your wife is the primary insurance subscriber and you will need her SS#.)
  • We'll need your personal health history, so making notes beforehand may help recall.