If your Pap or HPV test results suggest precancerous cells or cancer; or if you have the symptoms of cervical cancer, your doctor will suggest other procedures to examine the cells of the cervix more closely and to make a diagnosis. The tests needed will depend on your individual situation.
While your primary care doctor or gynecologist can treat most pre-cancers, if cervical cancer is suspected or confirmed, you are likely to be referred to an oncologist or gynecologic oncologist.
Diagnostic procedures
Not every patient will have every diagnostic test. The purpose of these tests is to help the medical team determine the extent to which the cancer has invaded nearby tissues or if it has spread to other organs in the body.
Usually, it takes a few days to get results back from these tests. You are likely to be anxious during this time. Talking to a friend or family member about your concerns can help. Plan in advance to do things to distract you such as getting together with friends and family.