Heron Cove

Heron Cove at Sanders

Growing older doesn’t have to mean giving up things you value most about living.

Welcome to Heron Cove and our residence for older adults. One visit will transform everything you've ever known or thought about long-term care. And there's no other place like it in all of Virginia.

At Riverside's Heron Cove at Sanders, the nursing home institution is replaced with authentic homes where residents receive both a high level of quality clinical care and in a highly residential setting. Both houses in Heron Cove are designed like traditional homes and feature private bedrooms and bathrooms and open dining and living areas. At the heart of each home sits a family-style kitchen that's resident friendly and meant to bring every aspect of home life to the forefront of daily living.

What you don't see and hear in our home is just as important as what you do. There are no check-in desks or nurses' stations. No long corridors with row after row of open doorways. No loud alarms and overhead paging. No "patients" lined up in wheelchairs ... waiting.

At Heron Cove, the residents are in charge of their home. They make the decisions about how the home will operate and best serve their needs.

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