Eli Pick Leadership Award reflects the dedication and leadership of many.

MATHEWS, Va. - The American College of Health Care Administrators (ACHCA) recently honored Riverside Mathews Convalescent Center Administrator, Don Lundin, with the Eli Pick Facility Leadership Award. The award is based upon criteria ranging from facility census to state survey results. It recognizes administrators who have led their organizations to a high level of quality.

Don Lundin, Administrator at Riverside Mathews Convalescent Center

Lundin took the helm at Mathews Convalescent Center in March of 2017 after long-time administrator Guy Shelton retired. Lundin credits Shelton with establishing many of the elements that led to this recognition, including a core group of team members who share a commitment to quality.

“The accomplishments of the Mathews Convalescent Center did not happen overnight,” Lundin said. “We’ve long been recognized for excellent patient satisfaction thanks to a cohesive team and a dedication to providing the best care.”

Lundin pointed out that many of his team have worked together for so long that they can practically finish each other’s sentences. Having such long-term and dedicated team members, coupled with the smaller size of the facility allows for deep relationships to form among staff and residents, according to Lundin.

In addition, being part of a smaller community in Mathews means that everyone is familiar. The team at Mathews Convalescent Center are part of the community and the residents they care for may have been a teacher, a neighbor, or someone who attended the same church, according to Lundin.

With a background in both the health care and hospitality industries, Lundin has been focused on customer service for many decades. His time with Marriott’s Senior Living Services Division shaped his leadership philosophy that taking care of your team is among the top priorities.

“I see my role as listening to my team and helping to remove any obstacles so that they can do their job to the best of their abilities,” Lundin said. He points to a simple example, but one that illustrates this principle easily. 

“We have some specialty mattresses that are designed to help prevent bed sores for patients,” Lundin explained. “Because the mattresses are larger than a typical bed, our staff was struggling to get the regular-sized sheets to stay in place. The fix was pretty simple…we just needed to get deep pocket sheets.”

By listening and responding to the issue, his team was able to focus on patient care without the fuss of ill-fitting bed sheets. “There is no reason to make their jobs any harder than they need to be,” Lundin added.

Riverside Mathews Convalescent Center

Lundin felt humbled for the recognition from the ACHCA. He said being among the top 11 percent of skilled nursing facilities in the country is a great honor and a great responsibility, but not necessarily a surprise. “The care is very personal here,” Lundin said. “Our team takes a lot of pride in the care they provide and the community that we’ve built.”

The ACHCA was founded in 1962 as a professional society for long-term care administrators. The Eli Pick Leadership Award was established in 2008 to recognize excellence beyond the Five Star rating system.

The Riverside Mathews Convalescent Center, located at Route 198 and Route 611 in Mathews, features comprehensive nursing care, a wide variety of social programs, therapy services and respite care.


Published: February 16, 2018