Ralph Carrington, Mathews County EMT

Ralph Carringtonstart quote - small Five years ago, I noticed some irregularities with my heart, and I knew something was wrong. I went to Walter Reed and was referred to a heart specialist. The day before my appointment I had a heart attack and had to go to the emergency department. After open heart surgery, I went  through rehab at Walter Reed. I was blessed to be able to work with many caring and diligent professionals. After my cardiac rehab program which included diet and exercise, I joined the Wellness Center. I’ve been going ever since, and I’m celebrating 5 years of healthy living. end quote - small

Ed Homer, Athletic Director and Football Coach at Christchurch School

Ed Homerstart quote - small Dr. Hugh Bryan has helped a number of my athletes including a special young man, Roosevelt Boone. Rosie suffered torn knee cartilage and a broken fibula but had a strong desire to play college football. Dr. Bryan helped Rosie accomplish that dream. After successful surgery and rehab, Rosie received a full scholarship to play football at the University of Maine. Dr. Bryan is a gifted orthopaedic surgeon, and we’re lucky to have him right here at home. end quote - small

Pierre Martin, M.D. and Kylee and Madison Tavares

Pierre Martin, M.D.start quote - small Not long ago my young daughters, Kylee and Madison, were having severe breathing problems. I was referred to Dr. Pierre Martin, ENT specialist at Walter Reed Hospital. Dr. Martin determined that both girls would have to have surgery. Dr. Martin was absolutely amazing. His bedside manner was beautiful, and it was unbelievable how comfortable he made my daughters feel. The surgery went extremely well, and the healing process was great. I was impressed by everything about Dr. Martin. end quote - small

Barbara Motley told by Ashley Spence, Granddaughter

Barbara Motleystart quote - small When my grandmother, Barbara Motley, ruptured her Achilles tendon, she was devastated. She had just finished battling cancer and was so anxious to get back to her daily life. After a MRI at Walter Reed Hospital, orthopaedic surgeon Dr. David Muron said that she had about a 40% chance of regaining full mobility, even with surgery. Despite these odds, he was able to completely repair the tendon and my grandmother has regained full mobility since rehab. I am grateful to Dr. Muron and the many services provided by Walter Reed Hospital for getting my nanny back on
her feet. end quote - small

Judy Rowe

Judy Rowestart quote - small In June of this year, I underwent a total knee replacement. With the expertise of my instructor, Linda Tiller, at Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center, my rehabilitation was quick and successful. My doctor has been thrilled with my progress and has marveled at my lack of pain. Since I live alone, having the strength to help myself was very important. Water aerobics at Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center and my hard driving instructor, Linda, have given me the capability to make this surgery such a success. end quote - small

Jeffrey Smigel

Jeffrey Smigelstart quote - small  The pain in my right leg was so bad I couldn’t walk without a cane. After being referred to Dr. Matthew Chang, I received an MRI at Walter Reed Hospital. Dr. Chang told me that I had two herniated discs and a condition called spinal stenosis. Neurosurgery became the only option for me to correct this, and Dr. Chang handled my situation with diligence and care. Through the coordination of Dr. Chang and Walter Reed Hospital, which is convenient and close to home, my surgery was a success. Because of his state of the art techniques and skill, I’m pain free and
walking on my own again. I am forever
grateful to Dr. Matthew Chang. end quote - small

Lacy Smith

Lacy Smithstart quote - small There are lots of little things in life that we take for granted, until they are threatened. When a tumor in my throat was diagnosed as cancer, I immediately thought about what was important to me. I feared for my life and my family, but Dr. Pierre Martin encouraged my perseverance and told me we would get through this together. He operated on me in November of 2007 and successfully removed the tumor. He was honest with me throughout the entire experience, and he saved my life. Because of him, I’m still here for my family and even back singing karaoke. end quote - small