RWFCP strength trainingStrength training is not about building big, bulging muscles—unless you want it to be—but it is about increasing your overall body strength, preserving bone health, improving stability and mobility, replacing fat with lean muscle (which burns more calories than fat!) and increasing your metabolism so you're burning calories long after you finish your workout.

Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center offers several options for strength training so you can find which ones work best for you.

FreeMotion Equipment
FreeMotion lets you strength train the way your body moves in real life—in three dimensions. Unlike fixed-form types of equipment, FreeMotion equipment incorporates pushing, pulling, bending, lifting and twisting into your strength training.

Keiser Equipment
Keiser equipment uses pneumatics (air) resistance, ensuring your movements through a full range of motion are smooth and safe, regardless of your size or abilities.

Hammer Strength Equipment
Hammer Strength equipment use plate-loaded machines to work one side of your body at a time (isolateral exercise). Serious weight lifters like Hammer Strength equipment because they can lift the maximum amount their body allows without a spotter.

Free Weights
Free weights are versatile and allow a wide range of motion and variation. They also require more balance and coordination and therefore help build stability muscles, which can help prevent falls as you age. It's easier to become injured with free weights so proper form is critical. Our staff can show you how to lift free weights safely.

Regardless of which strength training techniques work best for you, strength training is an extremely important component of an overall fitness program. Our trained exercise physiologists and personal trainers are here to help. Don't hesitate to ask questions or for instruction on how to use a piece of equipment.