Wendell BarbourWendell Barbour has been a member of the Wellness Center since 2005. Since joining Dietcise in May 2011, Wendell has lost thirty-seven pounds!

Wendell attributes much of his success to the Dietcise program. In Dietcise, Wendell has learned to cut and monitor calories on a regular basis. Along with eating healthier, Wendell has increased his exercise activity as well. He weighed himself every Tuesday to monitor his weight to make sure he was not regaining what he had lost.

Along with losing weight, Wendell has been able to reduce his total cholesterol by 40 points, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) by 20 plus points, triglycerides by 100 points, and glucose by eight points. He has also raised his high-density lipoprotein (the "good" cholesterol) by 15 points. Wendell's numbers were already in decent ranges because he is taking Lipitor, but through healthy eating and exercise he was able to reduce those numbers even more!

Wendell has also seen a reduction in his blood pressure as well. His blood pressure has gone from being 138/88 to 112/60, and his blood pressure medicine has been reduced by half!