Nancy & Woody Slate"I started Dietcise in January, 2012. My goal was not in terms of a specific weight loss number, but rather to become more healthy and stronger. Specifically, I wanted to "lose" the blood pressure and cholesterol medications. In seven months, I have "lost" the medications AND over sixty pounds. (And I'm still going down!)

Success with this adventure has been (and continues to be) due to several aspects of this program. Education and encouragement from Holly in the eight-week Dietcise class got me started. Recording daily intake of food, accounting for fats, calories, fiber and calcium holds me responsible. Recording weekly physical activity keeps me aware that I need to move! Continuing to weigh myself weekly and recording the weight keeps me going in the right direction. Participating in the Fit Steps class with Ronda at RWFC has been a great starting point for exercise, as well as a source of encouragement. Thanks to Holly and Ronda for the work they do!

As an added bonus, my husband, Woody, dieted and exercised along with me. He has lost over thirty five pounds and reduced his medications. We know that this is not just a short-term adventure but a lifestyle adjustment!"