Lee Lillard

Lee Lillard joined our Dietcise Weight Loss program for the first time in January 2015 and lost 40 pounds. She decided to take the class again in April 2016 to refine her understanding of nutrition and as a result lost another 10 pounds! She still wants to lose more weight and is taking it one day at a time.

Since the April Dietcise class has ended, Lee has lost another 4 pounds. This brings her total weight loss to 54 pounds!

When Lee decided to join the Fitness Center in January 2015 she made up her mind that she would get healthy and stay healthy! She had been a yo-yo dieter, and her weight had fluctuated up and down more times than she can remember. Lee said, "This time it had to be all about me, meaning it's something you must do for yourself and you must depend upon yourself to be successful."

For years at her annual physicals her doctor would tell her that diabetes was a matter of when, and not if. Ever since Lee has lost weight, diabetes is no longer a problem for her. Blood pressure had never been an issue. However, according to Lee, "healthier only makes it better!" At her last physical Lee's doctor was amazed to see her HDL level had increased 22 points, something she had never seen before!

Diet and exercise are key components to getting healthy at any age. The Dietcise program offered at the Center is definitely a stepping stone to understanding how your body uses food. According to Lee, "the supportive staff is there to guide you on your way, but like most things, you get from it what you put into to!"