Riverside offers adult swim lessons in a comfortable, encouraging atmosphere. Participants will benefit from an experienced instructor and individual attention. The Learn to Swim program for adults offers three levels. Each level builds upon the skills taught in the previous level.

Level 1 – Introduction to Water Skills
Elementary skills, such as: water adjustment, breath control, floating, supported kicking and safety skills are taught at this level.

Level 2 – Fundamental Aquatic Skills
The skills learned in Level 1 are reviewed and the swimmer is encouraged to perform skills independently.

Level 3—Stroke Development
In this class, participants establish stroke readiness by building on the aquatic locomotion, safety and rescue skills presented in Levels 1 & 2. The skills taught for Advanced Beginner Swimmer include: breath control with bobbing and rotary breathing, introduction to front crawl, introduction to back crawl, elementary backstroke, dolphin kick and more advanced safety skills.

Upcoming Classes
Adult swim lessons run in 4-week and 8-week sessions. 4-week sessions meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 a.m.- 11:50 a.m. 8-week sessions meet once a week on Saturday from 12:30 p.m. -1:20 p.m.

Registration Begins: 4-Week Class Session: 8-Week Class Session:
January 2, 2018 Jan. 9 - Feb. 1 Jan. 13 - Mar. 3
February 5 Feb. 13 - Mar. 8  
March 12 Mar. 20 - Apr. 12 Mar. 17 - May 13
(No class Easter weekend)
April 16 Apr. 24 - May 17  
July 2   Jul. 14 - Sept. 8
(No class Labor Day weekend)
September 10 Sept. 18 - Oct. 11 Sept. 22 - Nov. 10
October 8 Oct. 23 - Nov. 15  
October 15   Oct. 20 - Dec. 15
(No class Thanksgiving weekend)
November 19 Nov. 27 - Dec. 20 Dec. 1 - Dec. 21*


Register at the back desk of the Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center. Payment is required at the time of registration. No phone registration will be taken.

Members: $40
Non-Members: $65

For more information on Adult Swim Lessons call (757) 875-7525.