The statistics are compelling, according to the Journal of Physical Therapy Science. Older adults are 10 times more likely to fall, as compared to other age groups, as a result of physiological changes that occur as we all age.

Falling, tripping over a step or landing hard on the ground when you aren't planning on it may not sound like a big deal, but the reality is, for an older adult, falls can lead to bruising, fractures, brain damage and other complications, ultimately decreasing the ability to live an active and independent life.

To compound problems, healing from injuries from a fall can potentially further put older adults at risk. Healing takes time. Time takes you away from being active, engaging muscles, and you end up in a cycle that leads to further weakening of muscles and increased risks of falling again.

But there is a way to prevent much of this from happening and to promote healthy, injury-free aging.

Strength training through a fall prevention program.

Intervention programs for fall prevention to increase the balance and strength of older adults –focusing on exercise and elastic-resistance strength training –can be an effective intervention program for those at a higher risk of falls.

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