A corporate membership at Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center gives your employees access to innovative well care programs that serve all levels of your company. Our programs actively reach out into worksites, schools and communities throughout the area, taking steps well beyond typical employee wellness offerings like health screenings and smoking cessation classes. When your company needs fall outside of the realm of the Wellness Center, we can engage the help of Riverside Health System and the full range of Riverside Business Health services to bring solutions to the workplace.
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Riverside Business Health Services]
Studies have shown that productivity goes up and absenteeism goes down when people join employee fitness programs. A corporate membership at Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center could actually reduce your company’s healthcare-related costs. Corporate membership with a Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center is a great way to provide a valuable employee benefit that will actually reduce your company’s health care costs and turnover, while enhancing employee morale and productivity. A minimal amount of "administrative time," to manage the corporate membership, is virtually the only expense a company will have when they provide their employees with a Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center corporate membership.

Starting Your Corporate Membership Is Easy

  • For our Peninsula location contact Erin McCants at 757-875-7525.  Our Middle Peninsula location contact Tia Trevallion at 804-693-8888 for programming literature, membership information and a facility tour.
  • All it takes is four (4) employees from your company that are ready to join Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center and you can set up a corporate account.

Benefits of A Corporate Account:

  • Save 18% off individual monthly membership rates.
  • Choose from two easy methods of payment either Electronic Funds transfer from the individual’s checking account or one company check.

Sound Simple?

It is! All that you need to get started is:

  • Have four (4) employees that are ready to join.
  • Decide the method of payment you prefer, either Electronic Funds transfer or one company check.
  • Assign an individual from your company to function as a Corporate Liaison.