Learn to swim in a comfortable, encouraging atmosphere

Our American Red Cross swimming classes for adults offer three levels designed to build your skills and confidence as you progress. Participants will benefit from our experienced instructors and individual attention throughout each level.

We offer four-week and eight-week sessions for most levels. Four-week classes meet twice a week; eight-week classes meet once a week.

Adult lessons are available at both fitness center locations.

Choosing a Level

Pick an appropriate level based on age and current swimming ability. Please see the class descriptions below to determine which level will be best for you.

Still not sure which level to register your child for? Contact our Aquatics Manager for help.

Dave Ames
, Aquatics Manager
Call: 757-875-7525
Email: david.ames@rivhs.com

Middle Peninsula
Sarah Duhamel
, Aquatics Manager
Call: 804-693-8888
Email: sarah.duhamel@rivhs.com


To register, visit the back desk of the fitness center. Please note:

  • You must register in person.
  • Payment in full is required at time of registration.

Upcoming Peninsula 4-week registration dates: 

  • August 5; session runs August 13 – September 5
  • September 9; session runs September 17 – October 10
  • October 14; session runs October 22 – November 14
  • November 18; session runs November 26 - December 19

Upcoming Peninsula 8-week registration dates:

  • July 29; session runs August 17 - October 6
  • October 7; session runs October 26 - December 21

Upcoming Middle Peninsula 4-week registration dates:

  • July 26; session runs August 5 - August 28
  • August 29; session runs September 9 - October 2
  • October 3; session runs October 14 - November 6
  • November 8; session runs November 18 - December 18 (no class on November 27)

Upcoming Middle Peninsula 8-week registration dates:

  • July 28; session runs August 10 - October 5 (no class on August 31)
  • October 6; session runs October 19 - December 14 (no class on November 30)


Member: $40
Nonmember: $80

Adult Learn to Swim Class Levels

Explore below to learn the primary focus and class schedule for each level.

Introduction to Water Skills   Level 1

In level 1, you'll build a solid foundation of basic water skills.

Level 1 Skills

  • Water adjustment
  • Breath control
  • Floating
  • Supported kicking
  • Safety skills

Class Schedule:

  • Four-Week Lessons
  • Eight-Week Lessons

Upcoming Session Dates

Fundamental Aquatic Skills  Level 2

In level 2, you'll practice and become more comfortable with the skills taught in level 1. Swimmers are encouraged to perform skills independently.

Class Schedule:

Four-Week Lessons

  • Four-Week Lessons
  • Eight-Week Lessons

Upcoming Session Dates

Stroke Development   Level 3

In level 3, you'll establish stroke readiness by building on the fundamental skills learned in levels 1 and 2.

Level 3 Skills:

  • Breath control with bobbing and rotary breathing
  • Introduction to front crawl
  • Introduction to back crawl
  • Elementary backstroke
  • Dolphin kick
  • Advanced safety skills

Class Schedule:

  • Four-Week Lessons
  • Eight-Week Lessons

Upcoming Session Dates

More Info

Closed Classes: We reserve the right to close programs to prevent overcrowding.

Wait List: If you are placed on a waiting list, please do not pay for the class. You are not officially enrolled. The Aquatics Office will call you when a spot becomes available for your child.

Inclement Weather: The pool will close during thunderstorms and will reopen 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder or flash of lightning.