Riverside Tappahannock Hospital Team Members Participate in Safe Workplace Excercise

Tappahannock, Va. – Riverside Tappahannock Hospital teamed up with community groups and state and local law enforcement to conduct a Violence in the Workplace Exercise Event on the Riverside Tappahannock Hospital campus on Feb. 13.

In the Riverside exercise, a scenario was created for hospital team members to practice their skills de-escalating an aggressive situation when dealing with an angry, threatening patient. The role player portraying an aggressive patient made a credible threat, left the campus and then returned to fulfill that threat made to the hospital Emergency Department team members. Different from many other types of disaster exercises, during the Violence in the Workplace Exercise, team members are trained to “Run, Hide, Fight.” “Run” means that the first line of defense is that team members help patients to exit the building, but only if it is safe to do so. “Hide” means that team members help patients to shelter in place if they do not have a safe means of exit, and “Fight” means that, if face to face with the assailant and only as a last resort, team members use any and all means available to disarm the assailant.

The Violence in the Workplace drill held the following objectives:

  1. 1. Assess Riverside Tappahannock Hospital’s and the community responding agencies’ abilities to respond to an aggressive individual that escalates in to an Active Threat/Casualty Influx Incident.
  2. 2. Explore Riverside Tappahannock Hospital interaction/coordination with responding agencies and community partners.
  3. 3. Identify ways Riverside Tappahannock Hospital will continue operations/service following an Active Threat/Casualty Influx Incident.

Riverside Tappahannock Hospital Staff Conduct Safe Workplace Exercises

The majority of exercise activity occurred in the ED and X-ray hallway. Hospital team members and their departments participated by having discussion and training on responses and procedures related to the incident. After the simulated threat of danger was over, law enforcement deemed the facility safe and the final part of the exercise focused on departments communicating the physical and emotional status of team members and guests, returning to normal operations, establishing alternate areas of care and working with law enforcement to keep the community informed of the situation on the hospital campus.

Drills of this nature in conjunction with other community agencies are conducted during the year to help keep Riverside prepared and ready for an incident should it occur. It also enhances communication and coordination between area agencies to best serve patients, families and team members and keep them safe.

Published: February 22, 2019