When you make a commitment to quality, good things happen every day. At Riverside, we’re proud of the following stories of quality as told by our neighbors and friends.

Paul Orlando
"My son is glad to have me back at the greenhouse because he knows I've got the greenest thumb."

No one wants to find themselves seriously ill and in an emergency situation, but if it does happen, you can only hope to be treated with the genuine concern and respect I received at Riverside Tappahannock Hospital. A few days after I'd returned home from having a left hip replacement in Richmond, my wife found me unresponsive with a 105 degree fever. We went to the RTH Emergency Room immediately. It was comforting to see Dr. Thomas Cleary, who had treated me previously. This situation was the most serious health issue I'd ever experienced, and I was so thankful to work with a team that knew exactly what they were doing; I had total confidence in everyone I met. Dr. Clearly determined I had a bacterial infection and then worked quickly to prevent the infection from spreading to my hip. The Riverside medical team reassured me that things were going to be okay and explained each step that was coming next, including transport to St. Mary's Hospital in Richmond by helicopter to receive the next phase of the specialized care I needed.

When I was back home, my primary care physician, Dr. Ryan Williams, was sure to follow up with me and stay updated on my condition. The communication between the hospital and Dr. Williams was seamless, taking that burden off of me. I also made it a point to stop by and thank Dr. Cleary for the exceptional care he provided. But I couldn't stay too long—spring is upon us and I'm back to work in my son's greenhouse!

--For more information: Visit Riverside Emergency Services.