When you make a commitment to quality, good things happen every day. At Riverside, we’re proud of the following stories of quality as told by our neighbors and friends.

Faye King
"I am back to getting kisses on the forehead from my grandchildren."

While having breast cancer cannot be labeled as a 'good' thing, my experience has been made so much better by the great people and comfortable, supportive atmosphere of Riverside Tappahannock Hospital. I learned quickly that they believed what I did: a positive outlook makes all the difference when battling a disease like breast cancer. Even though people said I should travel away from home for treatment, I developed a trust in the physicians and nurses at Riverside, which assured me I was right where I needed to be. For the past two years I have been at the hospital on a regular basis, beginning in the Emergency Room, where I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Dr. Francis, the surgeon who performed my mastectomy, is so very special to me for making sure everything was being done the right way. He took the time to be thorough and answer all of my questions. The post-op team was incredibly supportive to me and my family. Even now, when nurses see my husband around town, they ask how I'm doing. That just goes to show you how the Riverside staff genuinely cares about their patients. When I am in the Infusion Department once a month, it really doesn't feel like I am in a hospital. The infusion nurses make it feel more like chatting with friends or going to the movies. So many people I've met at Riverside--like Joyce Holden at the front desk, Audrey Ball who performs my echograms and Kathy McCorkle in the Mammography Department --have gone above and beyond my expectations to make me feel cared for and encouraged.

One of the greatest joys of beating the odds is spending time with my family, especially my five grandchildren. Without the superior care of my whole team at Riverside, I would have missed out on the last two years of their lives. Just like the RTH physicians, techs, nurses and administrative staff, my 3-year old granddaughter, Allison, reminds me all the time that 'it's all right, Ma.'

--For more information: Visit Riverside Cancer Services.