For Jeannie Loser, Riverside Tappahannock Hospital is home

At Riverside Tappahannock Hospital, Jeannie Loser, the daughter of a pharmacist father and nurse mother, feels right at home.

Loser, a Tappahannock native and 30-year Riverside Health System veteran, serves as a generalist in Laboratory Services where she completes lab work, including microbiology and blood testing.

When choosing her career path, Loser said she wanted to go into health care or the medical field. But she didn't want to go to college for four years, instead completing a one-year study program out of high school.

"As a generalist you get to work in different areas," Loser said, comparing her work to fitting together pieces of a puzzle to understand what it takes to restore a patient's health.

"That makes it a little more well-rounded. You see the bigger picture."

Loser loves knowing her patients, seeing them in the community and the camaraderie of her colleagues at work.

"I know so many people by name," she said. "I love being able to know my patients. Your patients become like family and so do your co-workers. It's a special work environment. We help each other out. We fill in. We're all willing to chip in and know each other's needs and their expectations."

Working in the Lab
We have a fully equipped laboratory and the opportunity for lab technicians to fully utilize their training. You'll gain exposure to a wide variety of diagnostic tools to support the hospital's inpatient and outpatient diagnostic needs. In addition, you have the ability to work independently, yet still rely on the strength of our team of laboratory professionals.