Riverside College of Health Careers Among the Best in the Country

Newport News VA - The Riverside College of Health Careers has been ranked among the top trade schools in the first-ever national ranking in Forbes magazine. Nursing and Health Science programs constitute the top ten programs, with Riverside landing in the number eight spot.

Forbes developed and introduced this ranking as an acknowledgement that trade schools can often be more successful at providing an affordable solution for quality education with a greater payoff than traditional four-year degree programs for certain professions –particularly where a current skills gap may exist.

With an increasing demand for healthcare professionals and a national median salary for many positions of more than $52,000 a year, a career in nursing or allied health has tremendous return on investment.

The Riverside College of Health Careers dates to 1915, when what is now Riverside Regional Medical Center was formed. Originally a nursing school only, the Riverside College of Health Careers now offers programs in a range of allied and health professions. The programs have graduated nearly 6,000 professionals since its inception and has built a reputation for providing a high quality education, with many opportunities for practical job training and a fulfilling career.

"The Riverside College of Health Careers has always been about providing programs that are specifically designed to meet health care needs today and well into the future," adds Littlefield. "We're pleased to be recognized in Forbes magazine and proud of the legacy that our program has built over the years."

Published: June 26, 2017