Stroke Recovery Outcomes*
January 2011 – December 2011

Riverside Rehabilitation Institute has an outstanding Stroke Recovery Program and we want you to know how our patients compare with stroke recovery patients nationwide.

  • Expediency is crucially important in stroke care. Stroke recovery patients are admitted to RRI an average of 8 days after their stroke, four days earlier than the national average. 
  • During their stay here, patients usually progress from needing a moderate amount of help to needing only a minimal amount of help with tasks such as bathing, dressing, walking/wheelchair use and ability to understand. 
  • 70% of our patients admitted for a stroke are discharged back home, either to their home or that of a loved one, compared to 63% nationally. About 20% of our stroke patients may benefit from a temporary or permanent stay in a long term care center.
  • The severity of a patient's stroke greatly affects the length of his or her stay. On average, RRI patients stay 18 days in our stroke recovery program, slightly longer than the national average of 17 days.

Source: e-rehab Outcomes Report, Calendar Year 2011

*RRI outcomes are measured using Functional Independence Measures (FIM), a standard tool used nationally to asses patients' ability to perform certain tasks. FIM scores at admission are compared to FIM scores upon discharge to measure progress in key areas, such as self-care and communication.