2nd Floor Nursing

Carolyn Rattliff

  • Carolyn's soothing voice and comforting ways - plus competence, really made a difference!
  • Patient and kind during multiple calls for pain and changed me and bed for incontinence, etc.

Connie Johnson

  • For her care, concern and encouragement during my panic attack.
  • Demonstrates a strong work ethic and is very caring and compassionate to the patients.
  • Changed bed many times due to incontinence. Helped me shower safely and kindly many times.

Lauren Gaskins

  • Very pleasant/professional/courteous/cheerful.
  • Lauren did an outstanding job taking care of me. She went above and beyond tracking down supply delivery problems with the wound vac supplies. Also, she did an outstanding job instructing my wife to care for me doing my PIN care.

Lindsay Davis

  • Great nurse. On point! Always there to answer questions. Real personable.
  • Very sweet, caring, excellent nurse.

Michelle Austria 

  • Michelle was so great with my mother.
  • Professional and kind and so helpful.

3rd Floor Nursing 

Claudia Vanicky

  • Claudia was extremely helpful in many difficult things I had to learn - she went way above caring.
  • She worked endlessly to help me get well. She was one of the ladies who bent over backwards to help me.

Darlene Rhames 

  • Excellent bedside manners; really cares about the patients and often goes the "extra mile" to ensure the patients are comfortable and have everything they need.
  • Just a real joy to be around - when a facility has a nurse that just genuinely loves to care for people and has such a great disposition - that facility has a gem they should treasure.

Jennifer Schneider 

  • Truthfully, the entire nursing unit on the 3rd floor was wonderful, but Jennifer really went above and beyond. We appreciate her understanding and patience with Dad's constant "smoke breaks" and "vitamin" stash. Thanks goes to all of you for your wonderful attitudes and care!!
  • Jennifer was no less than terrific - she was prompt and efficient with changing my dressing and getting my pain medication.

Jo Phillips 

  • Wonderful nurse - supported my comfort and progress.
  • Who danced and sang.
  • Very caring and positive

Linda Boone 

  • Linda Boone has been very helpful, cheerful and knowledgeable. Helped me get through this period. A definite asset to a very good organization.
  • Linda resolved my chronic bladder infection with a catheter treatment and full explanation of the cause when my urologist only diagnosed the problem as an infection and prescribed antibiotics. I now believe I will be cured as I follow Linda's advice!

Marsha Rodgers 

  • The top of the line, caring, helpful and available.
  • Treated me like a son.

Pam Bufford 

  • Pam was one of the best nurses. I wish I could take her home.

Care Management

Loretta Loveless

  • An invaluable asset for all our needs, outside of nursing care during our stay. She worked very diligently to ensure the patients and their families have all resources available to handle any paperwork and navigate through the medical insurance system, which can be overwhelming. She went above and beyond the call of duty.
  • I would like to nominate Loretta because she is such an outstanding patient advocate. Loretta never plays favorites. She works just as hard for the patient who expects and demands everything as she does for the patient who would be lost without someone to help them work through the maze of agencies and paperwork to get the assistance they need.
  • Loretta came in on her off day to complete paperwork so my mother could be discharged on a Sunday. She was very quick and caring about the situation.

Pat Witherspoon

  • Pat had a difficult discharge to Richmond and had transportation issues, but she worked with the patient and family to make a smooth discharge. Pat contributed high performance to complete this discharge – Thanks!
  • Thanks to a very sweet lady that talked to a very scared 60 year old lady. She really made me relax. Thank You!
  • Was most helpful in making arrangements for my return home to the Chicago area.

Environmental Services 

Van Richardson

  • She kept my room wonderful and clean with a good environment to rest and rehabilitate.
  • Van kept my room in excellent condition.

Medical Staff

Clay Singleton, MD 

  • Excellent bedside manners; really cares about the patients and often goes the "extra mile" to ensure the patients are comfortable and have everything they need.

Gerry Smith, MD 

  • Thanks to Dr. Smith for his patience and good answers to my questions.

Occupational Therapy 

Elisa Sedlack 

  • Elisa showed her heart prior to her experience. I was thankful to receive such a loving, caring therapist because she helped me overcome my fear. I can't believe she has as little experience as she stated!

Joe Rhiel 

  • Joe was outstanding, kind, understanding and thoughtful. He pushed me for daily improvement and was pleasantly successful. I will always remember his kindness and support.
  • Joe really enjoys his job and helping people, he keeps a positive energy in the room that helps all patients.
  • Added sparkle to routine!
  • Want to thank Joe one more time, he was the main reason my mother-in-law's stay was a success.
  • Joe made you want to get up early in the morning and start your day.
  • Joe made me laugh during my difficult days.
  • Joe was so cheerful - you had to laugh at him.
  • My stay was very good - I like talking to Joe he make you work and he is a very happy person and he makes me laugh and keeps me smiling. Joe is the special person in my life. He is #1.

Lauren Hankins 

  • Very helpful in making me feel at ease with my disability. Has really shown me how to cope with restrictions and how to laugh at myself if I can not do the things I try to accomplish. Taught me not to rush things - that with a little patience everything falls in place at the proper time.
  • Lauren made a big difference in my mobility and future outlook.

Lauren Trimble 

  • A rare gift to her profession. Has great patience and encouragement to her patients. Enthusiasm is contagious and helps the patients to strive harder. One of the reasons my mom walked again.

Margaret Freeman 

  • My first day of therapy, Margaret made sure that I was properly dressed and that my hair was groomed. I also noticed that she was that way (concerned) with all the patients.
  • Margaret went beyond her duties and washed and packed my clothes and took me under her wings and was so kind to me.
  • She was very helpful during my stay here. She helped me every morning bathe, wash hair and get dressed and ready for OT and PT. She was very patient and nice and friendly in her patient care.

Stephanie Boyance 

  • Stephanie recently handled a difficult team situation with tact, patience and positive respect for all involved parties. She was diplomatic, compassionate and managed to keep her focus on quality patient care. Stephanie is a strong patient advocate and is an asset to our team! Thank you for all that you do everyday!

Physical Therapy 

Elizabeth Zelenka 

  • Liz has been Janet's #1 cheerleader from day one. You have done an excellent job and I thank you.
  • Liz had a very positive effect on my son. She was so kind and gentle, yet very diligent to motivate him to get up and start walking. I believe in my heart because of her efforts, my son has made such great progress in therapy, and has a lot of hope for his future.

Jennifer Michealides 

  • When working with me she showed a lot of care and concern and yet pushed me to do my best for a better future.
  • Jennifer was very pleasant to work with and she helped build my confidence about walking and balance. She was great.
  • Quietly persuasive, competent, professional, kind.

Jennifer Nardi 

  • Jennifer was persistent in continuing to present and develop challenge after challenge for me even after I met the requirement for each task. She challenged me to attempt several areas that I always refused to try. I accomplished each of these with ease. I feel comfortable doing them now. An excellent instructor!

Pam Sartor 

  • Pam was truly one of a kind. She was in good spirits every morning. She pushed me in the way that I knew she was proud of her work and expectation, also that I would receive those goals that were set for my leaving. I found her to be professional, delightful and above all caring.
  • Pam did great job helping me receive the ability to become a whole person again! I will continue to use all techniques at home because she so diligently reinforced them.

Patrice O'Leary 

  • Patrice was very important to my recovery. I had trouble standing out of my wheelchair, but Patrice changed the method I used and my improvement showed right away. She was great, with a good sense of humor. She is outstanding.

Sarah Tucker 

  • Very helpful in making me feel at ease with my disability. Has really shown me how to cope with restrictions and how to laugh at myself if I can not do the things I try to accomplish. Taught me not to rush things - that with a little patience everything falls in place at the proper time.

Recreational Therapy 

Brenda Tann 

  • Brenda from Recreation was very nice to me and she came and checked on me a lot, tell her thank you! I will always have her in my prayer!

Robert Battle

  • Robert put me to the test and I gained coordinated movement with my hands. He also fulfilled the role as our Saturday Inspirational Speaker. His words of motivation really made each week worth striving for.

Speech Pathology 

Lisa Adams 

  • Lisa did a fantastic job in helping my speech, facial movement, and pronunciation of words and phrases. Her technique and evident experience proved to be all it was worth.
  • Very personable. Procedures were explained, solution to the problem was implemented.

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