Jackie Peters

  • Jackie made significant contributions to my health. Although most of the staff were very helpful, she gave me that little extra something that I needed. Thank you for your care and assistance.
  • Jackie helps to make me feel good about doing everyday things so I can adjust back into my everyday life.

Kirsten Murphie

  • I would like to commend Kirsten she was pleasant to be around, good sense of humor, while keeping the upper hand in the sessions. She went way above and beyond normal to help me recover.

Mandi Ogaard 

  • Very supportive and I enjoyed the experience of having "worked" with her. She has the ability to put one at ease and make a very positive impact as well as making you feel important and not just another "client". Glad to have had the joy of meeting her.
  • Mandi approached my therapy from an intuitive angle. She asked many questions about how I felt and past injuries in an effort to be more informed in her therapy approach.
  • Mandi was very good. I came here because of the OT. I certainly wasn't disappointed! Her personality is terrific.
  • Mandi was always upbeat, affirmative and helpful. She made many recommendations about improving daily habits and use of the affected hand. She has a very cheery nature and we looked forward to our hour of therapy with her.


Benjamin Howe 

  • Ben, my primary care therapist, has made a vast improvement in my ability to function normally and with greatly lessened pain and use of prescription drugs. He has provided results that far surpass past experience with chiropractors and definitely surgeons. I wish him great success in his career.
  • Ben was a true professional in every way - he handled my case with obvious expertise and great care. I am truly improved and vastly more aware of
  •  condition and what I need to do in the future. Thank you, Riverside and Thank you, Ben.
  • Ben was excellent. He explained processes and why they were important. How your body muscles worked - what to do and what not to do - he was very patient and steadfast in his instructions. Great therapist!
  • Ben is a very persuasive therapist. He was constantly re-evaluating my progress and made me feel I could push through the unpleasantness.
  • Ben worked hard and compassionately during the one hour therapy period. He never walked away after he told a new exercise; this helps, he can right away see if you are doing exercise in a wrong way. He is understanding and smart.
  • Very supportive and I enjoyed the experience of having "worked" with him. Has the ability to put one at ease and made a very positive impact as well as making you feel important and not just another "client". Glad to have had the joy of meeting him.

John Roane

  • John was the main reason that my mother-in-law was able to gain her strength and balance and confidence and should now be able to do the things like walking, standing in an easy and reliable manner. Thanks loads, John!
  • I can't find anything that could praise him enough. He has changed my whole attitude. He is quite stern but more than fair. He gives you reasons for why he has request. He gave my husband things to help me with. He answers all my questions to the best of his knowledge or either gives me ideas where to get the answers. He is a great asset to your company.
  • John was outstanding, he took time to explain the different movements and positions of my body and what effect and benefit they had on me.
  • John, my therapist, was indeed knowledgeable - most professional and anxious for me to understand my problem and his approach to helping me - an asset to any health organization.
  • It was great! I appreciate the fact that John would talk with me while I was mostly in pain while doing exercise. I find that if my mind is occupied with other thoughts - the pain is not as intense.

Julie Kim

  • Ms. Julie Kim is wonderful, caring, patient and understanding. Keeps you informed of your condition with helpful information and exercise. Four stars for Julie Kim.
  • Julie was very comfortable to be with as my therapist. Her attitude was very helpful in motivating me toward my goal. My father did his rehab therapy here and recommended it and I'll do the same to pass the good word. Y'all were great.
  • Julie Kim was my PT and she was awesome! She provided me with so much information and with new techniques (not taught in other PTs I attended) that has helped to improve my well-being and with help managing my pain! Her knowledge and caring made this an enjoyable and productive experience!
  • Julie was my therapist and was excellent! She truly took an interest in trying to identify the source of pain and come up with not just solutions, but explanations. My wife will need PT shortly. I really want Ms. Kim to be her PT.
  • Julie helped me build my confidence as well as my ability to do the exercises necessary to meet my goals. She was always upbeat and let me know how to conserve my energy and perform my exercises. Julie helped me to trust in myself in order to meet my goals. She was always making me believe in myself. Thank you for allowing me to work with Julie.
  • I chose to come here after interviewing other rehab facilities. I choose to come here due to the thoroughness of Julie Kim. I don't feel like I would have gotten as thorough a rehab anywhere else. All of the rehab time was professional, one on one, thorough attention and focus on getting my shoulder back to pre-injury status. If I ever need rehab again, I will be back. She was great.
  • Julie is very professional at her job. She is kind, caring and very understanding. She gave me confidence to be able to do activities that I was unable to perform. She motivated me to do exercises that I normally would have not done. She is wonderful and I truly have enjoyed her as my therapist.

Katie Smith

  • Katie has been just wonderful! She has a great personality and is a lot of fun to be around. She made the hard work of physical therapy easier to manage. What a blessing she has been.
  • Katie has to be the best PT I have personally used. She is very thorough and I'm pleased with my results. You are very fortunate to have her on your staff. I have already recommended her to my sister-in-law and I will personally be back for my left knee.
  • Katie is a wonderful asset to your staff. She always greeted me with a smile. You know she enjoys her job. She was always willing to listen to me no matter what was wrong, even if it had nothing to do with PT. I am very satisfied and if I needed PT again, I wouldn't go anywhere but here. Thank You!
  • Katie was my main therapist. Very, very great - excellent job, made me feel secure. I give Katie great gratitude for her professional and caring attitude. She brought me to my feet and walking with cane.
  • Katie was the kind of person I would tell anyone that came over to ask for. I believe she does more than she should to be sure that you understand her and try to make you feel good about yourself.


Julie Scott 

  • Julie Scott went out of her way to help me with therapy. Books and papers to read and write better. Also, just talking with me to calm my fears and questions. I appreciate it very much.
  • Julie was a great and wonderful person who helped me to get my self-confidence again. She was very kind to me and her tips are very well to me to use later.
  • My speech therapist has contributed greatly to my recovery and healing. She is very patient, kind and most wonderful personality. She has been successful in her work and helping me recover.


Jerry Evans

  • From the first time I called - his joyfulness and kindness came through. He made it interesting and he always had a smile.

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