Frequently Asked Questions

Will I see my regular doctor if I choose an online visit through Amwell?

The doctors you will choose from are board-certified, licensed providers from Amwell.  Riverside has selected to work with Amwell because we share the same philosophy of putting the patient at the center of all we do.  In addition, Amwell was just awarded the first Accreditation for Online Patient Consultations. This accreditation was awarded because Amwell meets all security criteria for protecting patient information and has qualified and licensed providers that meet the clinical practice guidelines.

If you want to see that same doctor again, you have the ability to select them if they are available.

Are online visits as good as in-person visits?

Patients who use Amwell are usually very satisfied with the care they receive during their online visit. While there are some differences between online visits and in-person visits, it's important to remember that each and every online visit is evaluated as to whether or not Amwell is appropriate for you.

In addition, if you enter the Service Key code RIVERSIDE, any required follow up for care will be coordinated with the providers at Riverside Health System. Your medical information will be shared with a Riverside provider, based on your providing approval, and the necessary follow-up appointments will be made with the appropriate specialist or primary care physician.

How long will my online visit last?

Just like a regular visit in the office, your visit length will vary. Each health care provider decides the appropriate visit length for your specific need.

How am I notified about my scheduled appointment?

When you access virtual visits you will have the opportunity to choose to be seen now, or schedule your online visit for a specified time.

When your online appointment is scheduled, you'll receive an e-mail to keep as a reminder. This e-mail includes links to install the app on your mobile device, or to access Amwell using your computer. Many patients install the app at this point, to ensure that they are ready when their online visit happens.

15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, you'll receive another appointment reminder e-mail. If you're planning to use the mobile app, and haven't installed the app already, you'll want to do it at this time. It's almost time for your appointment!

A few minutes before your scheduled appointment time, you'll want to click the link in the e-mail to start your visit. If you choose to use a mobile device, the Amwell mobile app will launch your visit. If you are on your computer, you'll be taken to the Amwell website. Either way, the doctor will be notified that you're ready, and your visit will begin soon!

Have questions or technical issues? Call 855-818-DOCS (3627) for help!

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