Electronic Medical Records
Riverside Transitional Year Residency is committed to training residents to use all tools at their disposal to take the very best care of their patients. The rapidly burgeoning medical knowledge base mandates that physicians utilize information systems that not only bring the latest evidence-based knowledge to the physician at the point of care, but also manages the patients' information to improve care.

To meet these goals we have concentrated on three main informatics areas:

  • Electronic medical record
  • On-line textbooks/databases
  • Internet resources

Riverside was one of the first hospitals in the country to provide its residencies with an electronic medical record. We currently use iCare, an Epic based system.

On-line Textbooks/Databases
We have multiple textbooks, databases, calculators, and other clinical resources available for physician use on our intranet. You can access these resources from home, as well, once you're logged onto the Riverside system. Uptodate© is available on all Riverside computers and from most devices for use at home.

Internet Access
Residents have full internet access throughout the medical center. To facilitate finding the medical resources you need, we have developed a "portal" on our intranet that easily organizes useful sites and directs you to them on the internet.