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The Transitional Year Residency at Riverside Regional Medical Center (RRMC) is sponsored by our Family Medicine Residency and the Eastern Virginia Medical School's Pediatric Residency. Medical education is, and always has been, an integral and important component of RRMC. Our Transitional Year Residency is fully accredited by ACGME for twelve positions. We have filled every year.

The core requirements consist of 7 months of fundamental clinical skills rotations in Internal Medicine, Ambulatory Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

The remaining rotations can be set up in elective rotations that will satisfy the incoming Transitional Year resident's educational needs and eventual residency/board certification requirements. During the rotations on all services, the Transitional Year resident is treated the same as a categorical resident on that service. They actively participate in the evaluation and treatment decisions for all patients on the service.