Eunice Theodor, FNP

Eunice received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Oakwood University in Alabama before earning her Master of Science in Nursing from Hampton University. She is board certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She holds particular interest in women's health.

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In her early career as a nurse, Eunice was motivated to become a Nurse Practitioner by an interaction with an adolescent patient whose request was simple: "help me." Eunice's current role enables her to investigate each patient's cry for help, whether it is articulated or not, centering everything she does around that statement.

Fully embracing Riverside's philosophy, Eunice also bases her medical practice on the concept that patients should be treated and managed with the same amount of detail and efficiency that would be given to family members. With that understanding, she strives to exemplify characteristics through which the patient perceives she is giving her best at all times.

Considering interactions with her patients the highlight of her day, Eunice is rewarded by their enthusiastic feedback and understanding of their role as stewards of their own bodies. She finds it fulfilling to collaborate with patients of different personalities for the successful achievement of the goals they establish together.

In her free time, Eunice enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, outdoor activities, and mentoring youth.