Welcome to Riverside Brentwood Medical Center - conveniently located in mid-town Newport News across from the new Fire Station 3. Our experienced physicians and health care team provide an integrated range of services that is personalized to your needs. You'll receive high-quality, respectful care in a comfortable environment.

We offer comprehensive care for the whole family starting from birth and childhood through the later years. We even provide pregnancy and pediatric services for your family as it expands.

A Unique Approach to Comprehensive Care
We are a different kind of health care center because we are also a residency program. We have board-certified faculty physicians overseeing recently graduated physicians, who are training to become board-certified in family medicine or obstetrics and gynecology (Ob-Gyn). These faculty physicians have devoted their careers to obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics or family medicine.

Riverside Family Medicine Center

  • A three-year Family Medicine residency program

Riverside Obstetrics & Gynecology Center

  • A four-year Ob-Gyn residency program

Riverside Pediatrics Center

  • Residents do a rotation through the pediatrics center while in the family medicine residency program

The unique differences continue in our approach to patient care. We are here to support and partner with you throughout every health care need. You have unique health care concerns and we have a comprehensive and individualized set of services to meet your needs. You'll have access to preventive medicine, screenings, risk assessments, wellness and health education services, including:

We are committed to leading the way in innovative health services. For conditions common to complex, our physicians are here for you. Some of our physicians even make home visits. Should you be hospitalized, we'll continue to care for you instead of handing your care to a hospital-based physician. Our practice offers routine yearly exams, pregnancy care, and the necessary primary health care support for your entire family.

Connected and Committed
We are also a partner with Riverside Medical Group, a network of more than 450 doctors practicing in nearly every medical specialty. You can expect timely appointments, easy access to our office via our patient portal, fast referrals and coordinated care with Riverside specialists.

We look forward to a lifelong health care partnership with you and your family.