Paying for Integrative Oncology Services

Integrative services are offered to our patients at no charge.

It's done this way because of the very positive response from our patients and because we believe it adds significant value to their care. Regarding insurance and payment, it can vary by individual plan.

As a way to assure that every patient has access to integrative therapies and other services of Riverside Peninsula Cancer Institute and Infusion Center, we have set up an endowment fund in conjunction with Riverside Health System.

This endowment fund supports the integrative medicine team and also helps to fund our research department. The fund also makes it possible to have our Riverside Cancer Nurse Navigators, the experienced and highly trained individuals who help guide our oncology patients through every step of their care.

Learn more about our integrative services endowment fund, called The Dr. Mark E. Ellis Endowment Fund for Cancer Care Advancement, and the other cancer care funds.