Nutrition Overview & Philosophy

"Worries go down better with soup." ~ Jewish Proverb

How to eat well is a concern often voiced by patients and their families. Good nutrition can make a difference during and after cancer treatment. A nourished body is better able to fight infection, handle side effects, rebuild healthy body tissues, maintain or regain strength and have an overall improved feeling of well-being including less depression and anxiety. Good nutrition can help your treatment be more effective.

PCI’s goal of treating the whole person includes integrating nutrition care throughout your journey with us. There is so much nutrition information out there to sort through – we want to help you determine what is best and meaningful for you. The first priority is to guide you through your treatment with the best possible nutritional status. Then, providing nutrition direction for surviving and thriving comes next. Overall, eating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and basic wholesome food is almost always the place to start in improving your diet. It is safe to say we can all benefit from less processed and refined foods.