New Patients

Welcome to Riverside Peninsula Cancer Institute & Infusion Center. The patient-centered and compassionate care you can count on with us begins with the understanding that people diagnosed with cancer come here with many concerns. We make sure that one thing you don't have to be concerned about is getting the information you need to make the best possible decisions about your care.

That's why we provide all new patients and their families with the educational resources and information they need to reduce the unnecessary anxiety and confusion that can come with the diagnosis of cancer and the complexity of treatment options and approaches.

We believe providing patients and their families with the information they need to move forward on the journey of cancer treatment can help reduce fear and improve the ability to focus on care.

We feel strongly that the very first step to good care is good information. So before any actual treatment begins, our patients and their families share in an individualized teaching session with a specially trained oncology nurse. In this way, our commitment to personalized care starts right away.

These informative sessions, a time when our staff talks clearly and listens carefully, are carried out in a calm, private setting within each Riverside Peninsula Cancer Institute & Infusion Center location.

The sessions are designed to answer your questions and to help you know what questions to ask. They also provide other informational and educational resources including written information that can be reviewed at home at your convenience.

More questions?
Our oncology nurses can be reached by telephone or you can schedule a second appointment to answer any additional questions you or the people in your life providing support may have as you prepare to begin treatment.