Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is offered to patients during the time of their treatment at Riverside Peninsula Cancer Institute & Infusion Center. Our certified massage therapists work as part of a team with doctors and nurses in an effort to design an effective, safe and healing massage program that is personalized for each patient.

At the start of treatment, you will be introduced to your massage therapist along with the rest of your treatment team. At that time, the therapist will talk more about the program and give you information about how massage can benefit you personally. Our massage therapists are specially trained to offer bodywork that complements the medical treatments our clients are receiving.

In Williamsburg our massage therapist is Gretchen Golub, BCTMB, CMT, 757-345-5724 (option 6),

In Newport News our massage therapist is Jill Stanard, BCTMB, CMT, 757-534-5555 (extension 228),