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Joint Replacement Program

Hip, Knee, Shoulder and Ankle
Our comprehensive joint replacement program is designed to give patients comfort and peace of mind. We specialize in joint replacement of the hip, knee, shoulder and ankle. The program provides patients with every luxury and advantage of the busiest and best joint centers in the country. We utilize state of the art equipment and a multi-modal pain management program. Our comprehensive therapy protocols will ensure that every patient receives top notch care and get on the right track to getting their life back. Dr. Wind has completed a one year fellowship training with nationally recognized physicians at Carilion Clinic.

If you experience pain that limits your ability to do the things that you love, then you could be a candidate for a join replacement. Just let us know when you are ready!

What you can expect at Northern Neck Bone & Joint Center

  • Patients will attend a “Joint University” class to get a clear understanding of their condition, their procedure and their recovery.
  • We utilize special protocols to help fight nausea after surgery.
  • You will be out of bed walking on your new joint the same day.
  • You will spend 1-2 days in the hospital. (The national average is over 4 days.)

On the Cutting Edge of Technology

  • We use the Hana table, large and mini c-arms, computer navigation, and other patient specific instruments.
  • We have the ability to make specific instruments based on a CT or MRI scan. This helps to improve alignment of the leg in knee replacement and restores leg length with total hip replacement.
  • Dr. Wind trained with the Dr. Moskal of Carilion Clinic, one of the foremost centers in the country for computer-assisted surgery.

Infection Prevention
Preventing infection during and after surgery is one of our top priorities to ensure that patients recover as quickly as possible from surgery. We utilize special protocols to prevent infections.

  • The operating team wears a “space suit” to prevent contamination
  • Antibiotic regimens
  • Strict attention to sterilization and cleanliness
  • Betadine lavage

Fighting Blood Clots
We take an active role to ensure that patients do not develop blood clots after surgery. Measures taken to fight blood clots include:

  • A specialized therapy program designed by Dr. Wind
  • Regional anesthesia
  • Compression stockings
  • Foot pumps
  • Chemical prophylaxis

Decreasing Blood Loss
With the help of Tranexamic acid we can reduce blood loss during and after surgery. This revolutionary drug drops the rate of transfusion down to 2-3%. Dr. Wind has extensive knowledge and experience with the drug, and has even authored a landmark paper on the subject.

New Patients:

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