Better vision, increased comfort, and enhanced performance for both work and play are at your fingertips.  Today, eyeglass lens technology has so much to complement your life style. The last few years have seen tremendous strides in the technology behind both frames and lenses.  Glasses aren't just about fashionable frames that look great on you.  Eye glasses are in fact, a package that combines the fashion and technology of lenses with the fashion and technology of frames.  Together they create a visual system that's designed just for you and your individual visual and lifestyle needs.  Ask our eye care professional about some of the exciting advances, especially in spectacle lenses, and find out for yourself why one pair is not often enough.

At the Hampton Roads Eye Associates Optical Shop in Williamsburg, located at the Cullom Eye and Laser Center, we offer a complete selection of high quality, stylish eyewear within all price ranges. We feature the highest quality and latest lens technology including the thinnest and lightest 1.74 high index lens, specialized computer glasses, progressive lenses and the most durable lens treatments to reduce glare and provide the most protection against scratches. We want you to have glasses that you are proud of and enjoy wearing.  Whether this is your first experience with purchasing eyewear, or you just need a change due to recent Cataract surgery, our professional staff is here to assist you select frames that look good, fit properly and are compatible with your lens prescription and meet your vision needs.  We want you to have glasses you are proud of and enjoy wearing.

We accept most vision plans and are available to answer your insurance questions. For your convenience the optical shop is open M. W, & F  8am – 5pm (new glasses orders by 4:30) and Tues & Thurs  8am – 6pm (new glasses orders by 5:30), so stop by to just look around or get your frames repaired or adjusted.

Michael Bunting, Manager, Licensed Optician
Mike joined Hampton Roads Eye Associates Optical Services in 2000 as an optical lab technician and started his optical dispensing training in August 2002. Mike completed the Opticianry Apprenticeship Program and received his Virginia Optician's License and American Board of Opticianry Certification in June 2005. In August of 2005, he was promoted to the manager position at the Optical Services office at Cullom Eye and Laser Center. Mike has lived in Poquoson all of his life, and he graduated from Poquoson HS in 1998.

Marty Goergen, Licensed Optician
Marty joined Hampton Roads Eye Associates Optical Services in 2002 and works with patients at both the Oyster Point and the Williamsburg locations. Marty started his career in 1979 at the Optician School at the Naval Ophthalmic Support & Training Activity in Yorktown, VA. Marty went on to graduate from Thomas Nelson Community College in 1982 with an AAS degree in Dispensing Opticianry. He received his American Board of Opticianry Certification in 1985 and his Virginia Optician's License in 1992. He is a former director of the Navy's Optician school.  Marty has taught the 2nd and 3rd years of the three-year Virginia Optician Apprenticeship Program at Norfolk Technical Center since 1998.  Marty completed his BS degree in Information Systems from Christopher Newport University in 2001, and his MS degree in Education from Old Dominion in 2006.   

Mary Elizabeth Morrison, Licensed Optician
Beth joined Hampton Roads Eye Associates Optical Services in 2005. She started her optical career in 1984. She received her American Board of Opticianry Certification and Virginia Optician's License in 1991. Beth looks forward to helping you with all your optical needs. 

Kim Pritchett-Langston, Apprentice Optician
Kim joined Hampton Roads Eye Associates Optical Services in November 2003. She started her optical career in 1998. Currently a student at J. Sergeant Reynolds in Richmond Va., she is working towards an AAS in Opticianry while working as an Optical Assistant.

KaEssie McKnight-Letton, Optical Assistant
KaEssie joined Hampton Roads Eye Associates in March 2010 as a medical receptionist, and she joined the optical team in April 2010. KaEssie has an AAS in Business Management, and is currently a student at University of Phoenix, working towards an AAS in Health Administration.  KaEssie's main goal is to provide exceptional service to ensure the best vision for our patients.

Want to prevent or slow vision loss? According to many eye care professionals, the best way to accomplish this is with early detection through regular eye exams.

Even though your vision may be clear, exams can uncover changes in the eye caused by high blood pressure, diabetes, eye tumors, retinal disorders and glaucoma. Some of these have no symptoms in the early stages. Eye exams can also lead to the earliest detection of other serious health problems-including diabetes or hypertension.

Also, children should have their first eye exam before entering kindergarten.

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