As a Board-certified and fellowship trained gynecologic oncologist, Dr. William Irvin focuses on caring for women with cancerous or precancerous conditions of the lower female genital tract. Gynecologic cancers continue to become more curable as technology and clinical research for the diagnosis and treatment of these malignancies improves and expands. By working closely with Riverside Regional Medical Center, Dr. Irvin has access to the most advanced medical technology available for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of most gynecologic cancers.

Exceptional skill and experience are essential in every aspect of surgery, but there is more to being a good surgeon than simply being a proficient technician.  It is in always remembering that you, the patient, are an individual, an important part of someone’s family, someone’s friend, someone’s wife, or someone’s mother. It is important to get to know you as an individual; this includes listening carefully and talking clearly about your thoughts and concerns so that together we can make the most informed medical decisions for your optimal treatment and recovery. 

To assure the timeliest quality care for you or someone you love who may have a newly diagnosed gynecologic malignancy, at Riverside Gynecologic Oncology we make every effort to schedule your appointment as soon as possible, but always no later than 5 business days after your initial contact.

We welcome new patients and referrals.