Inpatient Physical Therapy

The Physical Therapy Department is poised to treat a variety of musculoskeletal and functional disorders, including but not limited to:

Physical therapy has a key role in the Joint University program, a comprehensive program for all elective joint surgeries at Riverside Doctors' Hospital Williamsburg. Other key features of physical therapy include:

  • education
  • safety
  • strengthening
  • pain relief
  • range of motion
  • mobility training
  • endurance progression
  • maximizing functional mobility.

Our physical therapists at Riverside Doctors' Hospital Williamsburg see both inpatients and outpatients.


Speech Language Pathology
The Speech Language Pathology Department at Riverside Doctors' Hospital Williamsburg focuses primarily on swallow impairments (dysphagia), and working closely with the physician, nursing staff, dietary staff and the patient/family in order to recommend an optimal and safe nutritional plan. Speech Language Pathology and Riverside Doctors' Hospital Williamsburg have the capability to do a very specialized study, if needed, called a Modified Barium Swallow, which can assist with the safest nutritional choice. The speech language pathologist also evaluates and treats speech and cognitive impairments, recommending appropriate follow up upon the patient's transition from Riverside Doctors' Hospital Williamsburg.

Stroke Center Rehabilitation
The experienced rehab staff at Riverside Doctors' Hospital Williamsburg uses advanced specialized techniques to optimize treatments and outcomes for all stroke patients. The stroke patient can expect daily rehab that is individualized based on each patient's deficits. Special attention is given to the education of patient, family, friends and community about the signs and symptoms of stroke, disease risk factors and prevention strategies. The rehab team also works closely with the patient, family, medical team and discharge planners to transition the patient to the appropriate level of rehab after the hospital stay. The Primary Stroke Center designation at Riverside Doctors' Hospital Williamsburg ensures that the patient is provided with the best chance for a successful outcome and to maintain a high quality of life.

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Outpatient Physical Therapy
At Riverside Physical Therapy Williamsburg, we are passionate about your safe, healthy recovery. Our programs are designed with your individual needs in mind, and we seek to help you regain as much strength and functionality as possible following an injury, illness or stay in a rehabilitation center.

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