Following a passion to care for others brings its own rewards.

While Rachel Vanecek, an RN on the medical/surgical floor, liked her previous career in communications, but it wasn’t something she loved. That all changed once she switched to nursing. And she has never looked back.

“There are days that are hard, but there are very rarely days that aren’t rewarding,” said Vanecek.

What does Vanecek find so rewarding about nursing, especially at Doctors' Hospital? It comes down to the Riverside mission of caring for others as we would those we love. Riverside team members really do regularly put those thoughts into action. “Coming to work every day, I’m thinking about taking care of my own family. If this were my family here, how would I want them cared for?”

So, what’s the best part of working for Doctors' Hospital? Working with others who share your same passion.

“The staff here is so kind and welcoming and friendly. We’re such a close-knit cohesive family here that it gives us a reason to look forward to coming to work,” said Vanecek.