Supporting team members and embracing the Riverside mission.

Riverside’s mission “to care for others as we would care for those we love” isn’t just about patients. It’s about the care and support of our team members as well.

“Riverside is a good organization. I’ve been here for three years and they’re right now helping me with continuing education,” said Dan Bergenstos, an RN in the medical/surgical unit at Riverside Doctors' Hospital.

The support isn’t just about education. It’s about team members regularly helping one another out during a shift. It’s about physicians and administrative staff listening to concerns.

And Bergenstos knows that help is just a phone call away. “I’ve got all the support that I need. Anytime, if I need help, it’s there for me,” he said.

This support allows Riverside nurses to focus on what matters most—the care of their patients.

“I like to take care of people. That’s something that was ingrained in me throughout my time in the military.”