Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace
Studies show that 74% of illicit drug users in America are actively employed. This staggering statistic makes drug and alcohol testing even more valuable to American businesses. Riverside Business Health Services has vast experience creating, implementing and enforcing drug-free workplace programs.

  • Testing, collection and lab testing
  • Professional on-site collection available
  • Pre-Employment, Post accident, Reasonable Suspicion, Follow Up, Rand and Return to Duty Drug Testing available
  • Federal mandated requirements
  • MRO (Medical Review Officer) services available

Surveys show that employees who use drugs and alcohol are:

  • 2.2 times more likely to request early dismissal or time off
  • 2.5 times more likely to have absences of eight or more days
  • 3 times more likely to be late for work
  • 3.6 times more likely to be involved in workplace accidents
  • 5 times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim

Test Panels

We can explain your options and help you choose the right test panel to meet your needs.  

Physicals and Immunizations
Riverside Business Health Services assures quality and convenience while providing a forum for the collection of information that can translate medical information into company savings.

  • Flu shot programs for on-site vaccinations
  • Pre-placement, Fit for Duty, DOT (All Providers are FMCSA Nationally Registered), NFPA, Hazmat, USCG, and Routine physicals
  • Respirator examinations
  • Complete vaccination programs available
  • Audiograms and hearing conservation program