We have one goal - to provide the very best care possible and to achieve great medical outcomes. Patient safety and patient service are at the heart of everything we do - every day.

Treatment team
We use a team approach to plan your care while you are at Riverside. This is called a Treatment Team. Representatives from all areas are part of this team, including nurses, physicians, care managers, therapists and others involved in your care. This team gathers together regularly to make sure we are providing you with care that follows your stated goals. Research shows that this team approach results in higher quality, safer care.

Who's who in patient care services
You can identify team members by the colors of their uniforms.

  • Provider: white lab coat or business attire
  • Nurse: hunter green
  • Psychiatric technician: wine
  • Unit secretary: lavender

Members of your treatment team will meet with you frequently to check on your condition and ask you about your personal care needs.

Spiritual support
Riverside has pastoral care representatives to assist you, whatever your religious preference is. Please let a care team member know if you would like a visit from a chaplain.

Preventing infection
We take special steps to prevent the spread of infection. You can help by following these tips:

  • Clean your hands and make sure everyone around you does too.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow, not your hand.
  • Let us know if you want to have your room cleaned.
  • Take medications as directed.
  • Ask your provider if you need any shots or vaccines.

Information for patients and family