Group praying

Pastoral care offers a religious ministry to patients, residents, family members and staff. To contact the Chaplain call 757-827-1001.


  • Individual visitation offering emotional and spiritual support
  • Prayer for comfort and concerning decisions
  • Weekly, small group sessions for spirituality on the four units (Adolescent Residential, Child and Adolescent Acute, Intensive Treatment Program and Adult Services)
  • One-on-one sessions available for patients, residents, family members and staff by request
  • Pastoral counseling during hospitalization
  • Sacramental ministry by request
  • Distribution of religious literature and devotional materials

The role of a hospital chaplain
The hospital chaplain helps individuals to identify, appreciate and effectively draw upon their faith to deal with the issues of hospitalization. The chaplain operates with an interfaith philosophy and can provide spiritual care or coordinate support with the patient's community.

Reasons patients contact the chaplain

  • If you have received "bad news" about your condition or that of another individual
  • If you are an out-of-town patient or resident with few or no visitors
  • If you have questions about your religious beliefs, attitudes or values