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Financial Plans

Patriots Colony is dedicated to providing its residents with the best retirement value
possible. At Patriots Colony your Entrance Fee and Monthly Fee includes your
residence, daily services and amenities, and access to a full continuum of care – truly
a lifetime package of services. Fees vary by the type and size of residence, the occupancy, the Entrance Fee refund option, the continuum of care option, and the amount of entrance fee vs. monthly fee you wish to pay.

The Patriots Colony fee structure has been designed to offer the resident choices
that can fit each individual's financial situation and plans for future care.
Few other Continuing Care Retirement Communities offer the flexibility and
variety inherent in Patriots Colony's payment plans. Key features of this
flexible fee structure include:

Future Care Options
Residents choose either LifeCare or the Residence & Services plan, depending on their personal situation and preference. In addition, a couple may choose the Combined plan, in which one spouse chooses LifeCare while the other elects the Residence & Services plan.

Patriots Colony is the only retirement community in Williamsburg offering the
popular LifeCare plan
. This option is the standard plan which offers significant
discounts off the market rates for future health services, if needed. LifeCare
provides the security and peace of mind of protecting you from rising
healthcare costs. A portion of the Entrance Fee and the monthly fees may be tax
deductible as a prepaid medical expense based on present IRS rules.

Residence & Services
This newer option is available to those residents who wish to keep their long-term
care insurance policy or who may not qualify for LifeCare based on a
pre-existing health condition. Since these residents receive priority access to
the other levels of care at the prevailing market rates, the Entrance Fee is
lower than LifeCare.

Both the LifeCare and Residence & Services plans are available with various
Entrance Fee refund options – including 50% and 95% refundable plans – and
other considerations to meet your needs and preferences. With such a wide variety
of financial options available, you'll want to discuss your personal situation
and your long-term goals with your marketing counselor so we can help you
receive the best value.

Thanks to the expertise and economy of scale of Patriots Colony’s sponsor, Riverside Health System, and the low cost of living on the Virginia Peninsula, you will find Patriots Colony’s fees to be the best value of any comparable retirement community.

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